Del Norte LAFCo (Local Agency Formation Commission)

Municipal Services Reviews

City of Crescent Citypdf
Community Services Districts (CSD)
Bertsch-Ocean Viewpdf
Big Rockpdf
Church Treepdf
HRC (Hussey Ranch)PDF
Smith RiverPDF
South County CSDs MSR & SOI UpdatePDF
Hunter Valley (See above – South County CSDs MSR & SOI)
Klamath (See above – South County CSDs MSR & SOI)
Redwood Park (See above – South County CSDs MSR & SOI)
Fire Protection Districts (FPD)
Countywide Fire Services MSR & SOI Update & Addendum (adopted October, 2022)pdf
Crescent (See above – Countywide Fire Services)
Fort Dick (See above – Countywide Fire Services)
Gasquet (See above – Countywide Fire Services)
Klamath (See above – Countywide Fire Services)
Smith River (See above – Countywide Fire Services)
Other Districts
County Services Area No. 1 (adopted April 26, 2021)pdf
Crescent City Harbor District (adopted August 08, 2021)pdf
Del Norte Co. Health Care Districtpdf
Del Norte Co. Library Districtpdf
Del Norte Co. Fairgrounds Recreation and Park Districtpdf
Del Norte Co. Resource Conservation District (adopted April 26, 2021)pdf
Smith River Cemetery District (adopted June 28, 2021)pdf