Del Norte LAFCo (Local Agency Formation Commission)

Staff & Commissioners

The Commission is composed of two county supervisorial members appointed by the Board of Supervisors, two city council members appointed by the Mayor City Selection Committee, two special district members appointed through a special district board nomination and election process, and one public member selected by the other six members. Commission members serve four-year terms. There is also one alternate member for each of the four classifications. In addition, the Commission contracts for Executive Officer staffing services to manage the day-to-day operations of the Commission.


Jason Greenough Chair & City Member 2016-2020 Term
Blake Inscore City Member 2018-2022 Term
Bob Berkowitz Vice Chair, County Member 2016-2020 Term
Darrin ShortCounty Member 2016-2020 Term
VacantPublic Member 2022-2025 Term
Valerie StarkeyAlternate County Member2016-2020 Term
Judy Dobbs Alternate Public Member 2018-2022 Term
Isaiah Wright Alternate City Member 2018-2022 Term


George Williamson AICP
Executive Officer
Vanessa Blodgett
Nicole Burshem
Joel Campbell-Blair
Legal Counsel